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A slides-show in a snap shot.

11 January 2009 – by Corrobori

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An easy way to create a simple slides-show.

The slides show is probably one of SPIP’s most wanted features. SPIP, soon to be released new version, will let you create slides-show from documents joined to sections or articles in a snap-shot.

All you need to do is to tweak a little the paging system. The paging system allows to group long list of objects, such articles, by 5 or 10. The lenght of a group is called the step.

A slides-show, in our case, is nothing more than a paged list of pictures grouped by 1.

The loop looks as easy as :

[(#REM) Simple and easy slide show]
<div class="your class">
   <BOUCLE_diapo(DOCUMENTS){id_article}{pagination 1}>
[<p class="pagination">(#PAGINATION{precedent_suivant})</p>]

Those of you allowed to edit SPIP files will either

-  copy the loop insisde the file
-  use <INCLURE ...
-  use #MODELE...
-  use a plugin

There are so many way to do it.

This loop fits in the ccs in use so that you will keep your site in style [1].

All the redactors need to do is to zip the slides and upload the archives either in a section or an article and SPIP will do the rest.

That’s it .

View online : La Gerbelette


[1the paging elements must be inside a div

updated on 2 August 2009

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