ABP Forum: forum on sign-in and a priori moderation

Forum on iscription with a priori moderation

Attention ! Cette contribution modifie des fichiers du noyau de SPIP !

Même si elle a été testée par plusieurs utilisateurs nous ne pouvons garantir qu’il n’y aura pas d’effets secondaires dommageables sur votre SPIP. Conservez toujours les fichiers d’origine pour pouvoir revenir au noyau originel.

De plus, elle n’est compatible qu’avec une version précise de SPIP et sera perdue à la prochaine mise à jour : vous devrez donc recommencer.

Simple plugin to add the chance to have forums on inscription only and with a priori moderation at the same time

The reason why

This plugin has been conceived for the site of a school, for the necessity to add a complete control on forum contribution before they are published.

Unlucky, the SPIP core make you an alternative choice: a priori moderation OR signing-in forum, so I needed to add the option to have this cases both togheter

I didn’t find similar contribution, and seemed I had to put hands on the code.

If you know other solutions, please telll me.


Downlod the files from the zone
Installation and activation as usual.

Using it

This plugin allow to have forum both on inscription and with a priori moderation
Once plugin has been activated the relative option will appear in the site configuration and in the forum configuration panels of articles.

Just select it and enjoy.

Actually Spip 1.9 version ONLY

Technical Notes

To add very small modifications it seemed I had to surcharge the following files:

  • balise/formulaire_forum.php
    • To control the login/inscription form and the nìmoderation message in the form
  • exec/config_contenu.php
    • To add the button to the interactivity/site config
  • inc/forum_insert.php
    • To set forum in statut=prop in case of abp forum
  • inc regler_moderation
    • To add the button to the article forum config

Please, again, let me know if easier solution are possible.
Thanks for yours suggestions.

updated on 26 March 2009


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