Plugin ABCalendrier

Mini Calendar for Articles and News

A mini-calendar to publish events from articles and news

This plugin is inspired at minicalendrier pour eva, but allows inserting both news and articles in the calendar.

A new field evento is added to table spip_breves in the DB.

Code as been rewritten to use spip tags #BALISE, so it’s not needed to include php in the model file; multilanguage support added;

Is now possible to add more events in the same day


Downlode files from spip-zone

activate plugin as usual; create the key-word mini-calendrier


To add an article to calendar set the keyword mini-calendrier and use “Date of earlier publishing” as event date
(be sure to activete it in the configuration panel)

To add a news to calendar save it, set the keyword mini-calendrier and then set the event date

Insert the tag #ABCALENDRIER in your models

From rev 23838 you can also write #ABCALENDRIER{7} to limit the list of events to 7 or the nuber you want.


I want to thanks authors of minicalendrier pour eva Olivier Gautier and all people contributing plugin developing documentation

Logo from drawings kindly offerd by Attilio Torre

updated on 2 October 2019


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