Skel-Editor, an online templates editor for SPIP

in a plugin

Edit your templates online without any FTP Client !

For version SPIP 2 & 3+, check out SkelEditor 2.0 - online templates editor for SPIP

This plugin lets you edit your current template files from your site private area. This can be useful when upgrading a template or to correct errors when you do not have FTP access.

Beware, this is NOT a WYSIWYG editor!


Edit, Upload, Modify, Download template files

Picture viewer [1]

Integrated Loops analyzer, based on Spip’s core

If loops generate fatal errors, plugin goes to Debug mode and displays the possible error

Translated back office

Skel-Editor is available in French, English and Spanish. Other
translations are very welcome....


For security purposes, the plugin may only be used to edit and modify the files contained in the current template directory.


This plugin works at least from the version SPIP 1.9.

To install it,
-  As for any other plugin, go to
-  Copy the /skel_editor directory into your spip’s /plugins/ directory
-  Activate it using the plugin administration menu.
-  Ensure the directory containing your templates is writable, if not change
its access attributes by making a CHMOD 777 using an FTP Client (such as Filezilla).

This plugin is currently developed on Spip-Zone. Click here for more


[1Squirrel picture comes from JC Sekinger’s website La Tête Ailleurs...

Plugin originally developed by Erational
Translated from French to English by Etienne B. aka Loiseau2nuit
Correction work by Brian Walker (spip-en mailing list) & Mortimer

updated on 2 October 2019


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