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Spipcast template, the podcasting with SPIP

26 August 2005 – by RadisNoir

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«Podcast» allows users to subscribe to a multimedia feed using an agregator and to synchronize it with their portable media player. Here is a template to create a podcast in simplicity with SPIP. Installation is rapid and multi-platform.


The podcasting (concatenation of the words iPod and broadcast) is at the base an extension of the RSS format for portable mp3 players. It allows listeners to subscribe to an RSS feed with multimedia informations.

An RSS feed allows users to follow recent publications on a website using a small file which diffuses the information to an aggregator or a web browser. A podcast encapsulates multimedia files, in particular audio and video, in this same syndication feed.


This contribution wants to be simple, practical and accessible to everyone.

By simply copying this file to the root directory of your web site, it allows spip to broadcast your site’s multimedia files with the podcast technology. An example is available at entremonde.net.

This template provide:

  • «Spipcast», A podcast feed for your multimedia files (audio and video [1]).
  • the extraction of the ID3 tags of the audio, video and photo files [2].


The listeners will be able to listen (or see) your diffusions directly from the site, but — more importantly — by subscribing to your feed in an agregator or a web browser.

Flux spip avec itune
Flux spip avec iPodder


This template is compatible with SPIP 1.8.

A development version is available on «Spip Zone».

A multilingual version is in progress.


[1and soon photo.

[2in progress.

updated on 9 August 2009

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