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Bingo for Friday the 13th, SPIP 3.2 is available!

14 October 2017 – by Jacques

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Following the Toulouse meeting in May, SPIP 3.2 was in the starting blocks.Many websites use it daily on-line, now it’s time to offer it to you!

SPIP 3.2 is an improved version of SPIP 3.1, which includes:
-  * an update of the embedded JavaScript libraries
-  * better ergonomics of the private area
-  * security patches on XSS attacks
-  * many improvements.

As good news never arrive alone, for this major version release, SPIP is adorned with a new logo and the site SPIP.net adopts a new design.

Many thanks to all who participated.

As usual, do not hesitate to make feedbacks or propose improvements :)

PS For those who remain with SPIP 3.1 and who do not wish to upgrade to SPIP 3.2, we also propose a new SPIP 3.1.7

— The team

Complete news and details

updated on 14 October 2017

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