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Pubemail: publishing by email

How to publish quickly on a website, just by sending an email.

16 November 2008 – by sinbad

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Code work in progress


The aim of this plugin is to allow publishing an article without having to connect to the administration interface of the website, but simply by sending an email.
This mail must obey to formatting rules in order to provide informations about title, the section in which it has to be published, the language in which it is written.

This plugin is based upon a previous contribution [chantier] Faut pas pusher (installer des articles par email). It has been developped with SPIP version 1.9.2e.

JPEG - 81.8 kb

It is still in development, because some errors may occur when decoding incoming mails which might be HTML coded, and the user interface is only in french.


This plugin allows to dispense with a direct connexion to the website. For my application, the internet access may be slow or inexistent. There is only the possibility to send emails. In this case publishing by emails is the best solution for keeping a collaborative editing possibility for isolated authors.

Setting up

Zip - 30.2 kb

The installation follows the plugin standard: just copy the pubemail directory under the SPIP plugin directory. It does not depend on other plugins.


When the plugin is activated, an additional button is available from the configuration menu. It allows to access to the configuration screen for parameters selection:
- the POP server to connect to and the port number to use
- the user login and password on the POP server
- the SMTP server and the port number for responding by an acknowledge
- choose the possibility to keep emails in the POP server
- choose the status of the articles to be created: either directly published or just proposed for publishing.
- choose if spip must acknowledge reception of messages by email
- in which default section and for which default author in case the mail decoding does not allow to determine it


The send an email to the address which has been chosen hereabove. In the message subject the expression SPIPOUNET has to be entered.
Then the message body will be for example (SPIP typographic tags are available):

#titre:Faut pas pusher en espagnol
#texte: {{{Titre}}}la la


It is then necessary to connect to the website and get the plugin configuration screen where a button is available for mail reading.

Remarques - Futur developments

It would be interesting to get the possibility of sending documents in the email. The mail structure to be read is more complex, but I mainly gave up because I don’t know how to add internally document for an article.
Now the user interface is only available in french, but shouldn’t cause too many problems for understanding by non french speakers.

updated on 8 August 2009

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