Galleria (en)

An image gallery that use the javascript library Galleria.


This plugin allow you to add an image gallery to your article. The gallery use the javascript library Galleria. The plugin implement a modèle <galleria>.


To create a image gallery add a tag <galleria##> in an article , ## is the ID of the article. The images of the gallery are those bounded to the article.


The commons options are :
-  width
-  height
-  lightbox :true
-  transition :[fade|flash|pulse|slide|fadeslide|doorslide]
-  theme : the name of the Galleria theme
-  pagesize : the number of image per page

Ex : <galleria22> a gallery in the article 22 ; <galleria22|lightbox=true> activate the lightbox effect

For more options and customisations of your gallery refere directly to the Galleria website

Known Bug

Then we add several gallery in a same article , the gallery doesn’t work. (bug fixed with version 1.3.1)


version 1.3.2
SPIP minimum 1.9.2 library JQuery
Galleria version 1.2.9 Galleria website
development version 2.1.11
svn svn://


ouverture avec lightbox/open with lightbox