Mercurable is an adaptation for zpip of the originally developed Wordpress theme.

Mercurable is a gray theme, simple two-column.

See a demo of the theme.


-  Download Theme Mercurable
- Copy it in the /themes folder to the root of your SPIP (create it if it does not exist).
-  Install the Zen-garden plugin (requires plugins Zpip and SPIP-Bonux)
-  Once the installation is complete, a sub-menu “Themes” appears in the “Configuration” menu of your private Spip interface. Click it and select the theme mercurable in the list.

You can use the plugin Menus to set your main menu. Identify it as barrenav

By default Zpip reduces logos to 150 pixels. I suggest you change this to have beautiful visuals as on the demo site with logos of 600px wide.

Here’s how:

-  Duplicate the /plugins/auto/zpip_v1/inclure/article-resume.html</ code> in <code>/squelettes/inclure/article-resume.html

-  Edit the file by replacing [(#LOGO_ARTICLE_RUBRIQUE||image_reduire{150})] width [(#LOGO_ARTICLE_RUBRIQUE||image_reduire{600})]


The original theme for Wordpress has been developed by Padd Solutions under GPL licence

updated on 9 April 2020


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